Spectrum analysis issues on SMs

We are seeing very odd things on almost all of our 300 series SMs (connected to 3000 or 3000L APs) running 4.4.1. I can't believe these numbers are accurate. One of these subscribers is almost a mile away from the closest neighbor and the tower is at the top of a mountain were there are no rougue APs we don't control.  What am I seeing with the huge spikes on the frequency we are using? These are from the SM. I've clicked on the tallest spike to identify the device:

WOW, those xfinitywifi signals are incredibly hot... their AP would have to be like right next to the radio to get a signal that strong. Is this effecting client performance?

Crappy client performance started this research of ours. We are seeing poor download and atrocious upload speeds (1 mbps). That client in the picture is 1/4 mile from the next closest house.

Any chance you can change the channel and see what the SA looks like?

Late Friday night we have a maintenance window to do just that.


I agree that they look pretty hot and unrealistic, but you definety have strong source of interference from xfinity and hardware helps you indentify the source of it. We might be off when the signals are very high, cause the hardware was never meant to work and accurately measure high signals.



What I get from your words is not a spectrum analyse issue, but the spectrum issue itself. Would be analyzer issue if client's RX would be good

Beat a -6dbm RSSI

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Motorola power!