Spectrum Analysis XML File Help

When you go to this address on an AP you can view your last Spectrum Analysis result.

I want to download them for future reference.

I have downloaded all these files from AP with a script:

needed_files = ["SpectrumAnalysis.xml", "spectrum.xsl", "instant.gif", "redzone.gif", "maxhold.gif", "h_red.gif", "h_orange.gif", "average.gif", "h_yellow.gif"]

Into a single directory.  When I open SpectrumAnalysis.xml from that directory in a webbrowser the graph still does not display.  Am I missing something?  Any ideas?

Which browser u tried? Chrome/Firefox does has some open issues regarding xsl style sheet.

Please check in IE.



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I have tried Chrome, IE and Edge.  I have a script that pulls all these files from each AP and dumps them in a directory named "../2017_06_29/ap_name/" on a linux server.

Are there some files I need to copy I am missing?

needed_files = ["SpectrumAnalysis.xml", "spectrum.xsl", "instant.gif", "redzone.gif", "maxhold.gif",
"h_red.gif", "h_orange.gif", "average.gif", "h_yellow.gif"]


The required file list is OK, I am able to download these file and then open loclaly on IE successfully. 

What error u see , blank screen ? or ghap colors not showing up? Please check relative path of the resources.

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Blank screen.  I download all them and put in single directory.  Its like it does not load/see spectrum.xsl but its sitting in the directory with it along with all the other files.  When I view source with Chrome when looking at downloaded version all I seem to see is SpectrumAnalysis.xml file.  When I view source with Chrome on the actual AP I see much more.

I have tried it in a local directory on my Windows PC with IE and Chrome.  I have also tried it on a Centos based webserver.

This is a PMP450 AP running 15.1.

When retrieving it my code was adding some garbage to top of spectrum.xsl.  Used different comand and now its fine.


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