Spectrum analysis

When I run the Spectrum analysis from an SM looking at my AP’s I get a lot of noise on all freg. of the 900mhz scale. Does the AP bleed over on all of the scale? I am broadcasting at 915 for example but there is a lot of noise on all freg. I am also with in a ½ a mile of the tower when I was checking this. I am running 3 AP’s with 120 degree sector antennas. I also have notice the SM is slow to react when in aiming mode. I can make drastic changes by 20 or so degree’s but it takes several clicks of the refresh to make a difference…Is this normal?

The SM will see all three AP’s. The correct way to do an analysis is to put one AP in SM mode and turn off the other two AP’s. Set the refresh rate to 3 seconds.