Spectrum analyzer disconect

Hello, I have problems with the spectrum analyzer. It disconnects, it does not start scanning, I need to restart the ap sometimes for it to work. I am using ePMP1000 GPS. The problem I have always, with all versions is the same. I can detect that it occurs when I am out of the network, that is to say I access via vpn from the internet, for example. It also happens to me if I have high latency within the network. I have to go to the site and connect directly to the team to do a scan and determine days to scan a tower, since I have to do it many times per team until little by little I'm building the spectral map.
The image is taken when I close the session. I was doing the analysis and suddenly ...

If I press connect, the following error will appear. When this happens, there is nothing left to restart the ap and start again if the connection can be established.
With other brands I do not have this problem, operating in worse conditions.


Unfortunately it is known issues in 3.4.1 Release. It happens in case you are closing application and didn't stop scanning previously or session between SA appllication and epmp devices was dropped, they you will not be able to reconnect application. Workaround is to reboot device.

This defect is sceduled to be fixed in 3.6 Release.

Thank you and sorry for inconveniences.

I 'think' this is due to the web GUI logging you out due to inactivity. If that's correct, then maybe a work around is to keep bumping the GUI to do stuff while the SA is doing it's thing?  I have a dual-screen setup at work and I think if I keep tickling the GUI, the SA doesn't seem to die.

I have identical problem with SA on ePMP Force180 5GHz AP, with newest 3.5.6 software. The AP responds with pings, so the IP communication is ok, and the SA have run only once. Next runs were refused because of the same message as in top of this thread.

I am really upset the CN cannot fix the problem which exists over a year.

Hi, I got same problem, and a solution that works more stable for me is to use the .jnlp file started from IcedTea JDK on Ubuntu Linux machine.

I call the jnlp file from GUI of Firefox logged in the ePMP2000, and after one or two questions regarding securty issues, it works much fine than a Windows system.

I forget to comment that I am using firmware v3.5.6