Spectrum Analyzer Forbidden on 4.5.0 ePMP 2000

Just upgraded a couple of epmp 2000s to 4.5.0 and I receive 403 forbidden when i try to download the S/A tool. Anyone else having this issue? 4.4.3 works.


You can dowload it as a separate tool on our support site:


Java Web Start SA tool was removed from the firmware.




Apparently I missed that giant line in the release notes. Much appreciated.

It is now moved elsewhere! I searched for him for a while. This shouldn't happen much, especially when one stops and wants to scan quickly.


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Where are the instructions on how to use it?  How to get it to work?

My Support Ticket person tells me the reason the GUI SA is crashing with a 'Spectral Tools' error, is because it's been removed.  I think (again) they haven't actually used the gear, and this person doens't know what they are talking about.  This is after them telling me that there ''are no reported problems with the SA"

Anyway - I'm a few days into the Support Ticket, and I want to give them the benefit of the doubt.  I have downloaded and installed the "CambiumSA" and when I run it, I put in the IP - - and I just get a "connection refused: connect" message.