Spectrum Analyzer improvement


I think Spectrum Analyzer can be improved to be more usefull.

If you run a scan on a tower where you're doing frequency reuse, you can see the other AP as a noise, but it isn't true because it won't be a real noise when you're operating.

It would be very usefull to enable something to ignore that noise (like this idea).

It would be also usefull to see a list of all networks you can see in a particular channel and all their details, like a Site Survey or a Frequency Scan on MikroTik/UBNT devices, but that can scan ePMP TDD devices and also 802.11. Imagine you could click on a center frequency and see what access points you can see from your and they're channels... For us it will be a very usefull feature!

At this time you have to have a map of all your access points and their frequency, to understand if it's "real" noise or you can control it by changing frequency on another AP, because you can't see directly in the spectrum analyzer, and it's a pity because you have to take a long time if you want to do things right.

I also would like to have a feature (maybe I'm asking for the moon, but...) to launch a spectral scan (and site survey) on all connected SM, to understand which channel is better also on their side.

I think all operators could benefit from these features!

would be nice if it checked for Color Codes and labeled the various color codes its picking up in the chart to give some insight during the scan

Would be super nice :-D