Spectrum Analyzer on the AP

The cnPilot AP already supported a WiFi Analyzer which can scan all available frequencies and report back the noise floor, as well as information about neighboring devices such as their count, MAC address and signal strengths.

Firmware version 3.11.1/3.11.2 enhance the troubleshooting capabilities further, by adding Spectrum Analysis to the AP. Under Troubleshoot-> Spectrum Analyzer in the device GUI there is now an option to select either band and start a real-time spectrum analyzer. The spectral data FFT bins are transformed into a color-chart (similar to how the Spectrum Analysis on Cambium ePMP devices works) which shows the signal and utilization information of each channel.

The spectral data can also be filtered using a sliding threshold bar on the right of the graph, for ease of use:

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 12.19.45 PM.png

In a future cnMaestro release we'll also support this feature through cnMaestro troubleshooting GUI

Note that:

  1. Only frequencies that are valid for operation based on the country-code settings are currently scanned. In a future software update we are considering expanding this to support all frequencies the radio is capable of.
  2. Any associated clients will be disconnected, the spectrum scan is disruptive to client connectivity so please use with care.