Spectrum Analyzer, Remote Spectrum Analyzer, etc.

I recently started using some old PMP100 900 MHz hardware. The basic spectrum analyzer features are fantastic!

I've been generally dissatisfied with the need to reboot the ePMP radios every time I want to check the spectrum analysis, but now I'm left wanting even more. 

Please implement these PMP100 features in the ePMP line!

  • Spectrum analysis without reboot
  • Timed spectrum analysis on SM 
  • Timed spectrum analysis on AP (that also runs spectrum analysis on all SMs at the same time)

I really like the detail associated with the ePMP spectrum analyzer, but the ability to run a system spectrum analysis even at a lower resolution would be awesome.

[Further... I cannot seem to run the spectrum analyzer over an IPSEC link over a DSL connection into my network. It runs fine when connected directly, though. My UBNT spectrum analysis works fine when connected remotely.]

Thanks - Chris

Hi Chris,

Thanks for these ideas, I'll move this post to the Your Ideas section so the ePMP team can review.



Now that cnMaestro is operational, an interesting possibility would be to have the AP+sm's run a timed spectrum analysis, report the data back to the server, and cnMaestro display an overlayed graph of those scans

@Guilherme wrote:

...cnMaestro display an overlayed graph of those scans

Although I'd like to see the fundamental implementation of PMP100 style results first, this idea would be very useful. It should also be possible through cnMaestro coordination to run tests on multiple APs at the same time. This would eliminate self-interference on a tower location and allow good channel selection for a whole site.