Spectrum Analyzer Scheduled

It would be great to be able to schedule at a certain time the scanning of the frequency spectrum analysis , in the AP and in SM PMP 450.
For example, if you do not want to stop half country to scan the frequencies, and I will not even stay awake at night (yes, I know you've spent some sleepless nights, dear ISP) to not interrupt customers, it would be nice to set a time where AP automatically will start to make his 1000 second scan in the night.
In this way, the next morning you will have the spectrum analysis ready without giving a bad service to customers  in the morning or afternoon.

It's also a great idea for ePMP product line :-)

I agree!

Agreed. This is something I have discussed with cambium as well. They should also give us the ability to create groups of towers to scan so we do not have to shut down the whole network if we do not need to. Also, the scan tool should gather the current frequency and channel widht and shade in the results so we know where we currently seat. A threshold should be added for what the user would consider as an acceptable noise floor.

This would be such a great feature!