Spectrum Analyzer

The spectrum analyzer function of my AP is not working while using the latest firmware as opposed to what is stated in the known issues section. The Application Error is: Unable to Launch Application. I did also right-click and save the file before running and it gives the same result.

Allen - If you have Java installed on the PC you are trying to run SA on and have the latest Java updates, then we will need to troubleshoot this further. Please contact Cambium support by mailing support@cambiumnetworks.com or calling the Support phone number (http://www.cambiumnetworks.com/support/contact-support). A support engineer will assist you.

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I don't understand how to use it.

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You have to install the Java runtime client on your computer, and you need to be using a web browser that allows for java to load and plug ins... so use FireFox. Make sure you to enable/allow the plug in and you may also have to add the URL for the radio to the security exception page for java in your control panel...

If all this sounds too difficult, then just use the ACS tool on the radio to get a feel for what spectrum might be available for use.

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Dear Team,

From last few day we are facing lots of issue in spectrum analyzer, when we take  the  spectrum sweep of the sector that AP is not scan all frequencies and as suggested by cambium TAC team we are going to replacing AP's when we are facing such a type of problem.Kindly suggest to me for final conclusion wheather AP is faulty in that condition.

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Goraksha Katore.

TATA Communications Ltd.

Hello if you don't mind i can teach you how to use the spectrum analyzer if you give me team viewer access

Install Java to your Laptop and follow the procedure on the attached pdf, after successfully performing the spectrum analysis then choose frequency on the lowest graph.