Spectrum Scanning and Sync

Ok something i always sort of annoyed me but i'm not sure if its a bug or intended. Basically when we Spectrum Scan we can see adjacent sites (cambium) as interference signal levels, but my question / thought is since the AP's are synced with Cambium GPS and same timing etc, shouldn't they be hidden from the spectrum scans to show interference that isn't properly timed out via the gps sync?

Of course maybe i'm missing something obvious in my understanding/view of the spectrum scan.

People have noticed this and asked about this before. The problem is that the SA reads any/all energy coming into the antenna... it has no way to distinguish between your own sync'd radios and other parties radios. There would need to be some intelligent communication between radios , and I don't know how any radios system on the market that can do this, other then LTE-A systems.

There might be something like this when CBRS comes out for 3.XGHz bands... as neighboring AP's within a GSA will have to announce various things to a server, which in turn will allow transmit on certain conditions. This obviously won't help with ePMP, or any non-3.XGHz radios.

What it comes down to though, is GPS sync is a very basic technology and is not designed to share neighbor information.

Understand tha tsorta, but in reality wouldn't it basically come down to...

Calculate RX/TX Window based on settings from frame size.

Only perform RF Spectrum Listening during RX Window

Discard any energy recieved during TX Window

Unless im missing something.

It's not the fact it reads any/all energy it's that it seems to be reading it all the time instead of during only it's RX window, so it's listening during the generic TX window from the AP's not taking into account the frame timing.

That's a good question... maybe ask for it as a feature request?

Will wait for Sri or Matt to respond first, maybe theirs some obvious technical reason why its not already in place...

Then again i still ponder the  reason the radios with GPS built in still require us to manually fill in their latitude and longitude fields :S