spedtest.net results pre configured SM and post configure SM, huge difference!

So im trying to figure out why before we configure the pmp 450 (3.65) SM with the final settings and before it hits our system the speedtest.net results look great on the graph. Super flat throughput results with no spiking up or down. Once the SM hits the system and gets the right info it needs, the speedtest.net results look awful. Reminds me of a roller coaster ride, up and down, up and down. Is this normal? I will try and follow up with some photos later if need.

When it 'hits the system' what is being set?  (and what is it 'hitting' - Radius?)


We have some basic settings we program into the SM, but until we add that specific SM to the customers account they do not get ALL of the correct functionality they need. Thats about as much as i know, we are not in control of the back end system, only the front end custoemr facing side. Its more than I'd care to get into ATM. So test results look great before but once it hits the account they look awful. 

That's pretty tough to help with then.  Without knowing exactly what settings are added once they get their settings, how can anyone be sure that those settings aren't the cause?  QoS settings oviously have a huge impact on traffic flow.  And burst rates within there could easily cause the data rate to go up and down like you mention.

I know, trust me its not what I thought it was going to be when we signed up with this company. I guess can we just answer if the results should be a very steady flat line or does everyone see the up and down spikes. If its just me then i can go back to them and tell them there is an issue.

We design our QoS settings so speedtests are pretty flat.  There is always some minor variations during the tests (ie. ±150 kbps), but for links in the 3-5 Mbps range, those variations aren't a concern.

So when testing a radio with correct QoS settings on a test account, it's fine, but when logging in with a subscriber account, it's terrible? Doesn't sound like the issue is with the radios!