speed issues

hi community,

i have a 450i AP and a 450i SM (sitting at 8x/8x modulation and link capacity says it can do 130mbs aggregate) in the field. when i set the bandwdith to 40 down / 4 up and run a speed test to my server, i only get 20/4...this AP has less than 15 subs, and all of them have decent link quality indexes...anyone have any clue?

What do you mean by "set the bandwidth to 40 down / 4 up"?  Are you changing MIR settings?

Screen shots of your QoS configuration page may shed some light on this.

here is the screenshot of the QoS on that SM

Are the rest of your SMs on this AP passing the correct (configured) bandwidth?

Is it an AP or SM "problem"?

Is the AP Configuration/General tab/Bandwidth Configuration Source/ Configuration Source setting set to SM?

Are the SM QoS settings correct?

What does a test to the outside world look like?

When you perform a link test with MIR, are the results the same as your "server" speed test?

Are you directly connected to the SM or are you going through an in home router?  Hardwired or wireless?

Stupid questions among friends, but...  inquiring minds want to know.

Good luck


Started reply before you posted the QoS settings.  As you aren't allowing any burst, I would, and on mine do, set the burst allocatiions to 0 - one down off the list.

hi luis,

after interrogating my network, i am not sure whether it is an AP or SM problem--it appears to be an AP problem. When i go to my home (where my QoS is set to 60 mb down / 10 mb up) and link capacity tests reveal the radio is capable of 90+ mbps, and go to my speedtest server on ookla (directly connected to the radio), and i run a speed test, i top out at 25 mbps down / 7 up. when i perform a link test with MIR, the tests ARE NOT the same as a "server speed test."

again, i am hardwired straight to the 450i SM, bypassing the router. 

did i answer all of the questions?

How many SMs are registered to this AP?  What kind of bandwidth are they configured for? 

What does the link test with bridging and MIR return.  I know you said not the same, but better or worse.  I'm going to assume it was better (what was expected).  Is this the same SM you started the thread with?  Is it different, but on the same AP?  If the link test with MIR returns the correct results it will verify the RF link is ok.  If none of the SMs on that AP can achieve the correct bandwidth through ethernet, make sure that the AP can do so.  How many APs share the backhaul?  How are they performing?  Connect to the switch at the tower and run a speedtest to the server from there.


Take a look at this, may help.


Post your link test results.  I didn't mention enabling SNR calculation on SM link test, but do so.

Whats after the AP side?

i.e How is the AP connected to the net? Core router / type?

Are you connecting via PPPoE or static IP on the SM side?

Is there a way you can see the amount of traffic coming ging from AP?