speed problems please help!!

Going from SM version 7.1.4 boot version 3.0 (non advantage) to AP version 7.2.9 boot version 3.0 (non advantage) I get

1562 down 355 up

pluged into the head end I get 2332 down 546 up

What could be cause of the overhead

The sm should be able to pass that speed straight through?

Is that an actual speed test or is it a link test.

If it is a link test you should go ahead and update Your Ap and sm to 7.3.6

Also if you have change the config in the Ap or Sm it could cause this problem.

As mentioned, update to 7.3.6. Then reboot everything including the CMM, router, AP, SM, switches, etc. Then try it again.

If it continues, it may be interference.

this is a test with 1 sm and 1 ap the link is good no interference

That is alot more overhead than is expected.

Update to 7.3.6 and re-test.

What is the dB signal level at the SM and at the AP (Sessions Tab). If it’s much more than about -55dB you might try lowering the power on both the SM and the AP to get closrer to about -65.

Also, it can take up to 30 minutes for the aP and the SM to train. If you are turning it on and testing, try waiting for a while.

Jerry whats that about 30mins to train… ?

If you watch a new link over 24hrs, you can watch the RF level, Jitter, and RSSI improve. This is the magic of Canopy. Over the first 15 minutes you will se the most dramatic imrovement. After 30 minutes is close enough to get a sense of what the link is going to do.

I used to go nuts trying to get a link to max performance, and then I realized that if I just waited for a while, the link would stabilize and I would see the performance I was looking for.


It seems like I recall something about a single AP to SM link not working at max capacity by design (though I forget now the nuance of that reasoning).

Does anyone else recall where the recommended test scenario is a minimum of two SMs registered to an AP? I’m pretty sure there’s a thread on the forum, but it might be a bit ancient.

newcastle you are right. Its the TDD technology moto uses.

cannot find any reference but we were told when i attended a canopy into class.

yes this is correct… you need to have atleast 2 SM registrered to make it work efficiently

Jerry thats interesting…

I will look out for this and see what happens… how much improvement do you get and also how are you measuirng it… (db, jiter, rssi)

I would install a radio, and initially the link would have high jitter 5-7, and over 15-20 minutes the jitter would decrease to about 3-4. After a few hours it would get down to 1-2. I could also watch the dB level increase 4-6dB over the same time period.

If I didn’t see it I would not belive it.

I don’t even pay attention to RSSI anymore - it’s misleading. I look at the dB level and jitter.

wow… I guess it also improves the link tests ?

Yes. You can do a link test right after an install, and then again after an hour and it will look completely different.