Speed Testing...

Hi Everyone,

Maybe i’m not looking in the right places, or i’m just not sure on how to do it. So, i’m turning to you all…

From a NOC, how can you test a clients SPEED TEST to the internet?

SO What i mean is… how can we MONITOR Internet Speed on a connection remotely?..

Has anyone been able to do this?

We monitor our connections for Up-Time… and Latency… etc…

but how can you test that a connection has… a 3Mbps Download… from the NOC… Without getting the customer involved…

You INPUT is greatly apprechiated !!

We do a link test on the radio. If the link is providing more bandwidth than the customer is paying for we assume they are good.

I do it the exact same way Jerry has. I’ve thought about it briefly but nothing came to mind on how to do it.

Open to suggestions though!

Only way I see this posible is to ftp a file from the antenna to a pc in the noc, I am not sure if you can store a big enough file on the antenna.


Do you have a router at the customer premise, something like a Cisco router, that’s also part of your installation?

we have been using j perf as of late to test our some of my poorer links and they seem to be accurate.

server on the firewall side and client on the installers laptop.

I’ve tried doing an FTP from my web server to the antenna, trust me it is not a very accurate way of testing a connection. The FTP command and that is sitting on the SM was meant just for doing older updates and branding the radio’s.

Link test is the best way…

If you want to track the customer traffic over time then use CACTI to log the stats and show pretty graphs…

there are other ways…

although i suggest if you want monitoring, you should look into an NMS. i use solarwinds, other people use much better ones. solarwinds just works out best for everything i monitor. and with solarwinds i can see traffic across the 2 interfaces (wireless, physical ethernet) on the SM. i can tell what kind of loads / packets / bandwith / they use and what timeframe they did it at. i cannot tell what they downloaded or watched… this is all within SNMP v2

if you want a direct idea as to what speeds your “clients” are getting, why not have them go to speakeasy.net and have them run a speed test.

link tests are great but it only shows you the connection from the SM to the AP. if the “client” isnt getting the speeds he/her thinks they should be getting then your issue may lie within your backhaul/router/isp/the other end.

sorry for the big post


have you had a issue with speakeasy test that never show a good upload, my download always matches what i have throttle via a Allot Netenforcer, however, the uploads sometimes are slower, or not as stable, im guessing its the way moto does the upload pushing, when i ftp, everything checks out fine after a few seconds, wants it get stable, just wondering if you see the same thing thanks

Google “QCheck”. It is a nice little application that runs on two hosts and will measure speed, latency, etc. The only downer in this situation would be you would have to have a PC installed at your AP’s running the app and a PC at the customer site running the app as well.

I have used it to test throughput on BH links before I install them using both TCP and UDP data. It works well and is very accurate in terms of the Canopy specs.

nope, never seem to have that much of an issue with it. there are also other public speed tests out there for everyone, i just like that one becuase of the speedometer and percentile of the speed packet. it works out pretty good because you are basically watching your speed in real time as it transfers