Speed up large/complex BDC Exports by eliminating Shapefiles

The files generated for BDC exports in cnHeat are designed to be as flexible as possible.

There are files for ‘supporting data’, coverage polygons, and even 477 deployment data.


For coverage polygons we typically offer either a .gpkg format or a Shapefile format. (Both are identical, and the FCC accepts either.) However for large or complex exports the Shapefile generation can be slow and even cause the export to timeout (after 36 hours).

We offer a way to turn off the Shapefile generation when it is not needed. This can significantly speed up the export generation.

Just add the “|NO_SHAPE” (pipe symbol before ‘NO_SHAPE’) to the end of your job name to activate this option. This can be done either on Step 2 when submitting a regular export job or Step 3 when attempting a merge of multiple jobs.