Speedtest on cnPilot APs

cnPilot E400/E500 now suport a built-in speed testing tool: wifiperf. This allows the network admin to quickly verify connection between a wireless client and the AP, or between the AP and a network server. This can be useful for troubleshooting connectivity/performance issues, as well as to validate an install (walk-through site-survey).

Wifiperf is built using the open source zapd tool, and compatible with all zapd clients.

To enable testing, turn on the wifiperf configuration on the access point under Configuration->Services:

then use any compatible zapd client on a client or a network server, and point it to the APs IP address.

As an example the Speedflex application by Ruckus Wireless (available for Android and iOS) is compatible with wifiperf and can be used to run a speed-test from a wireless client to the access point.

Example configuraiton on the AP (Specify the device's own IP address, and the IP address of the AP that has wifiperf enabled):

Sample throughput result: