Splash page cannot show automatically on android & ios


I just configured guest access portal for free access with social login like google, facebook and twitter.

I also use splash page for authentication method.

When i use android & ios phone connect to the wifi, i can not get redirect to splash page login, it just connected but can not get internet access from my web browser, i have to go to the website first and then splash page showing.

When i use laptop with windows, i can get redirect to splash page login after i connect to the wifi.

i use cnPilot E410 and cnMaestro cloud.

can you please help me to solve this issue?

thank you.


The statement from the post "When i use laptop with windows, i can get redirect to splash page login after i connect to the wifi." shows, cnPilot AP and cnMaestro are configured properly for the guest access and it is working as expected.

Coming to Android and iOS devices, it is the function of the device to detect prescence of Guest Access which is done through the help of CNA (Captive Network Assistant) browser. From your attachement i can see "Bypass Captive Portal Detection" box is checked in. Can you disable this option and update your observation?


"Bypass Captive Portal Detection" has been disable (attachment name: 3), but it still the same, when i connect to the wifi, splash page didn't show too..

Coming to the attachment name: 2, should i configure anything at advanced settings?

thank you.

Once you disabled this bypass captive portal configuration can you reboot the AP too? The learned DNS whitelist entries are kept a little longer on the AP.

Hello, I share my experience to try to save you some time and see if we can find a solution.

I have had the same problem, I have configured an SSID with splash page which works correctly on laptop but through Android it does not load and gives direct access to the network or shows an error message indicating that the Splash page was not found ... in my case, I configure free access by Facebook, Google, SMS and Voucher and I have tried each one separately and indeed they work, they all work correctly ... the problem is when the same splash page tries to use more than one method of access to it , that is, if I configure access with Facebook and Voucher-> It does not work .... SMS and Google-> it does not work .... Voucher and SMS-> it does not work ... the funny thing is that in all cases that I have tried it always works well on a laptop and it never works on Android ... this seems to be a cnMaestro platform malfunction that they still can't fix .... Cambium team please help !!!

I would like to mention one thing here is that Google stopped supporting CNA (Captive Portal Assistant) browsers for more than two years now. As per your test I believe you tried different access types back to back where you found all kind of combinations not working at all for android devices. The reason behind these tests failing is that the AP tends to keep the learned whitelist IP address for atleast twenty four hours. If you create four different guest portals and map to four different WLAN's and use that for testing then you will find that the case where Google as social login is enabled will be the only case where android/ios devices will fail to show pop up and rest all will work. This behavior is same for any Captive Portal solution provider and captive portal bypass is the only solution for supporting Google as social login for captive portals. Till google doesn't change their support policy for this there is nothing which any one can do here.

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