Splash Page not coming in device / No login

Hi everyone, I'm writing about some things I can't solve.

I configured the Splash Page, inserted the social logins following the guide found here in the Community.

Apple devices and some Android devices when I try to connect to my wifi-guest network my device don't receive the popup to access or a splash page login (request) but simply I can't navigate.

Instead the only Android device that is ok,  it receives a login popup, but I must connect with the browser.

If I use an Android app, I remain pending. No login, so no "surfing"..

Can you help me? 

Thank you =)


Hi Giada,


Is it possible to give us following details.

Are you seeing this issue with cnMaestro Cloud account or On-Prem.

What is the iOS version on Apple devices.

If you are using cloud account please invite me to your account.

Login to cnMaestro cloud account : Navigate to Applications >> Users >> Invite Cambium Support >> enter email pvsr.gupta Role Super Administrator and click on Send

Best Regards,


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Hi Gupta,

we have cnMaestro Cloud account, so I can add you to my network. 

Our name net is GNETSRL.

Devices I used are:

  • Mac Air with OS Catalina
  • Apple Pad Air
  • Tablet Samsung
  • Smartphone Huawei Mate 20 lite with Android 9.0
  • Smartphone Xiaomi Mi with Android 9.0
  • Smartphone One Plus with Android 8.0 

Only my device is working on Login with social (Huawei Mate 20 Lite)  because I see notify popup connection.

In our log session you can see connection from my device with all login.

Thanks you for help.

So I invite you right now =) 

Hi Gupta,

I invited you in my network GNETSRL so now you can see it.

We're using cnMaestro Cloud account! 

Devices I have tested with Splash Page are:

  • Macbook Air with Catalina
  • iPhone 6s
  • Xiaomi Mi with Android 9.0
  • Huawei Mate 20 Lite with Android 9.0
  • Tablet Samsung with Android 8.0
  • Apple Pad Air

Huawei Mate 20 Lite is the only one work with Login Google and Facebook.

I can't managed to get the OK on IOS or other devices in list so the whole procedure was stopped. No see Pop-up or browser open for insert login.


There is "Note" under the Guest Portal->Social Login section :

Note:Captive portal bypass will be enabled if social login with Facebook or Google is enabled. This is required as the Captive-portal Network Assistant (Guest portal signon popup on mobile devices) is not compatible with the social login API provided by these services.

If you read it does say that Captive Portal Bypass will be enabled if Google of Facebook is enabled. This Captive Portal Bypass Feature whitelists the domains used by IOS/Android devices to detect the captive portal and show the auto pop up sign-in window AKA CNA browser. We did recently changed the login flow for Facebook and removed this limitation so in case if you disable Google from social login you will see that auto pop window starts working(If you disable google then it will require reboot of AP to flush the whitelist entries as AP tries to retain them for a longer time). I tested couple of IOS devices using latest IOS as well as old IOS versions and all works fine. When Google is enabled though I had to go to browser and try to visit some website which allows access over HTTP and then I get redirected and then also all login works fine. When Captive Portal bypass is enabled devices will show as Internet access is available for the IOS and android devices. If some android devices not using Google driven captive portal detection URL's then they might show up the auto pop sign in window and eventually they would launch the login page through the standard chrome browser.