SR 2.4.2: QoS rules resident in web interface but not functional

Issue:  With Software Release 2.4.2, when a QoS rule is configured and saved, while the rule is resident in the web management interface the rule is not applied functionally.  This issue has been resolved in upcoming Software Release 2.4.3. 

To work around this issue, you may implement one of the following actions:

Change to Software Release 2.4.1:

  1. In Release 2.4.2, delete the configured QoS rules
  2. Downgrade to Release 2.4.1. 
  3. Re-add required QoS rules
  4. Demonstrate QoS works as expected


Continue using Release 2.4.2:

  1. In the AP and SM units requiring QoS rule configuration in Release 2.4.2, navigate to Tools Backup/Restore anddownload the radio configuration files
  2. Use a text editor to open the radio configuration file and inspect the value of the parameter classificationRuleQueue.
  3. If the value of the paramter classificationRuleQueue contains leading zeros (for example, "01" or "02"), delete the leading zeros and save the configuration file.
  4. Via the web management GUI (in Tools Backup/Restore), restore the modified config file to their respective radios

  5. Demonstrate QoS works as expected