SR 2.6 Known Issues

System Release 2.6

Known problems or limitations


Description / Workaround


When in AP WiFi mode and the SM connected is an 802.11a SM, the downlink throughput can be lower by 20%.


When switching channel bandwidth from 20 MHz to 5 MHz, the GUI will throw a warning that only a Max Registration of 30 is allowed and that saving the configuration will not be possible. The workaround is to edit the Max Registrations field under Configuration->Radio and save configuration.


After performing a factory reset using the physical reset button on the unit, User defined RADIUS certificates are not deleted from the device. A factory reset through the GUI Tools menu will remove user defined RADIUS certificates.


After a factory default through the GUI, reload the GUI in the browser to ensure that login may be completed without errors.


When editing the MAC Addresses entries in the Wireless MAC Filtering table using a configuration file upload, care must be taken to ensure MAC address format integrity. The ePMP device will not validate the format.  


When editing the Description field of the Wireless MAC Address Filtering table and saving, the wireless driver will be restarted resulting in the AP dropping all SMs and causing them to reregister.

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