SR 3.0.1 Resolved and Known Issues

Issues Fixed in System Release 3.0.1

• Software upgrade and configuration update/onboarding issues via cnMaestro
• When an EU ePMP 2000 radio is configured for a Country Code where no channels are available; then when it is switched to Spectrum Analyzer mode, it is not possible to switch it back to an AP
• When a RoW Force 180/200 device configured to scan all available frequencies is changed to Spectrum Analyzer mode, it is not possible to configure the device back to SM
• “/” character is not valid for SSID usage in AP configuration or in Preferred APs list on SM
• ePMP 2000: Selected antenna (Sector or Smart Antenna) display improvements
• Inability to upgrade firmware via SNMP
• FCC SMs and PTP radios incorrectly limit themselves to PMP APs EIRP limits
• RADIUS: Locally-configured VLAN parameters implemented instead of RADIUS-configured VLAN VSAs
• Incorrect TX power restrictions for US Country Code devices configured to operate with 40 MHz channel size
• On an EU ePMP2000 radio, configuration changes cannot be saved without first configuring and saving a valid Country Code license key
• When using PPPoE or DHCP server-obtained IP addressing, the Wireless Gateway parameter is not displayed on the web management interface
• Unable to upload configuration (.bin) with RADIUS certificate
• Low MIR limit (ex: 100 kbps) may cause SM to deregister under a high interference environment
• Fix for port vulnerability that cause SMs to deregister

New Known Issues Resident in System Release 3.0.1

  • ePMP web management interface test tool Ping (Tools -> Ping) does not execute with maximum buffer size (65507)
  • ePMP devices with saved cnMaestro credentials which are not on-boarded by cnMaestro for more than 12 hours will stay in state “Device Approval Pending”
  • When using RADIUS VLAN VSA configuration, device-local VLAN parameters remain configurable
  • Device does not display DNS IP address obtained from PPPoE or DHCP server
  • Transmitter Output Power reference tables duplicated in web management interface notification
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