SS-600 and Sunshine? - Has anyone else seen this?


I’m using SS-600’s with my Canopy 900 SM’s
(as recommended) and I’m finding that
when the SS-600 is mounted where in will
receive direct Sunlight - The Link will fail until the
sun goes down.

Has Anyone else seen this?


No, the side of my house where my protector is mounted gets full sunlight directly and has no problems. I know there has to be a few customers on our system where it is the same and they do not have issues.

Do you know for sure if you are using an SS-600 or could it be an SS-300?



I’ve had both on the side of my house and anymore we are stocking 600’s so that’s what everyone gets now. The one outside right now is a 600. It was a 300 but I replaced it when trying to troubleshoot a problem.

A little over one week ago I installed two 600SS’s at the base of a 300’ tower. It is located on top of a hill, receives direct sunlight w/ temps @ 100F+ in West TX, and so far I’ve seen zero issues.

bunches of installs… direct sunlight constant… Florida… no issues… 3 months