SSID not hidden in ePTP mode

First off, I don't like showing SSID's.  Secondly, I never noticed any ePMP radio before 2.5 firmware showing the SSID. 

Tonight I did an install and helped a customer hook up thier smart TV and noticed I saw the SSID of the ePMP PTP link listed!  As best I can remember, there is no setting to enable or disable showing the SSID so I'm not sure if I just never noticed this before or what.  Either way, I do not want to show the SSID on our radios to the public and I don't see how to change any of those settings either.  I don't think I've ever seen SSID on our sectorized AP's even when running 2.5 firmware on them. 

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Hi Nathan, 

ePMP AP does not hide its SSID as the SMs perform passive scanning. This is not new to 2.5 release.