Stable 2x rate link both in 5.7 and 900

What are the requirements for a stable 2x link

Trying to fine tune our Canopy Network so I need some suggestions , and if there’s any settings I need to do on the AP to accomadate the 2x on the SM

with version 9.x the power levels and jitter stay the same in between 1x/2x mode, in previous version power level stayed the same but jitter went to around 7-9. thats usually about normal. a stable link would be with at least 10db above noise floor and link tests 100%

I am still runninng 8.2.2 on my canopy equipment , would it be a good idea to upgrade to 9… for this , because from what I heard 2x is vulnerable to interferrence . So 9. improve stability abit …correct

9.0 does add some stabililty but you do have to make sure the link is stable as well, and if is there some interference the link will automatically drop back to 1x

9.3 is about to be released, however if you are like me you will roll out the known stable release v9.0 and wait a while before rolling out 9.3

Thanks for the helpful info guys …cheers