Start-Up WISP - Community Feedback Appreciated

Hi fellow Cambium Community members,

We're a non-profit (and  WISP newbie) currently in the analysis phase of the Peach-Fi ISP, a  start-up WISP that will deploy WISP cluster hubs (phased in over time) in rural regions in the state of Georgia in order to help close the digital divide in terms of  rural broadband accessibility (Our NPO site is not mobile responsive:  As a ConnectedPartner, we plan on leveraging our functioning WISP (once on air) as a means to also advocate the advantages (in terms of cost and reliability) of  developing wireless muni networks deployed with Cambium Networks solutions to suitable municipalities through lease-purchase Broadband PPPs (Public Private Partnerships) between Peach-Fi and municipal entities.

I've decided on using 5GHz PMP 450m Access Point with cnMedusa as APs and  PTP 450i for backhaul (if needed, an entity that i plan on peering with for colocation/ip transport may be able to get me fiber at the towers through their relationships).  I'm confused as to what equipment is actually needed at the site.  What's the best switch and router combination to be used at the tower or is it best to use a PoE switch without a router which would lower ground installation costs?  What's your experience/  advice?

 I've modeled the hubs in LINKPlanner and have pretty good throughput and reliability (simulating subscribers by using addresses from Realtor and Zillow).  The models are based on Geocodes and height availability from Crown Castle towers.

As new entrants into the WISP space, I would welcome all feedback that you could share in regards to our deployment strategy, equipment selection, and best approaches.  If you need addtional details please feel free to contact me.  Would really like feedback as it will really assist us in our mission of providing rural broadband accessibility.

Thanks in advance for your help. 


you should hear from network operators soon.

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I have a WISP for over 10 years in Brazil and extensive experience in telecommunications and IT.

I've been working with Cambium since the beginning (and even with the old Motorola Canopy). Please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to assist you with all questions.

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