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Hi folks, although I know Cambium since some time ago, I´d never used, so this is going to be my first experience. First of all I don´t know if this is the right Forum but I´ll give it a shot. I´m thinking to start a small public wifi service (the ´small´ is just for start) in my city but I don´t have a clue about what equipment I need to use. I would like to deploy an AP in a commercial zone (outdoor) for about 100 concurrent clients (let´s say) ant the clients would be connecting to the AP with their cell phones, tablets and laptops. The access to the AP would be through a voucher. Can anybody enlighten me about this please??? Thanks a lot in advance!!

Look to the E500/E501/E502 outdoor wifi APs, or the ePMP1000 hotspot.  You'll also need to feed from that gear/this location to the internet, which is probably where more careful planning/decisions will be required if going wireless. (If you'll have wired ethernet feeding the gear coming from cable/DSL/fiber/whatever then you only need to worry about the wifi side of things)

With the cnPilot wifi APs (E50x/E4xx) you can support the number of clients you're interested in, and you can funnel new connections through a captive portal setup for authentication.  cnMaestro cloud management will let you see how many clients have/are connected, how much bandwidth they use, etc, as well as roll out firmware updates and configuration changes.

if you're feeding this location with wireless then there are many possibilities, determined largely by how much capacity you need here, and whether you're going to feed multiple sites from one distribution location or just set up point-to-point.



thanks for your help @newkirk, I think I´m going to start with the ePMP1000 hotspot, just to test the brand and the maybe you can help me with a doubt: how can I know the height from the the floor at the radio must be?? (I know antennas are omni). 



Install it on or near the ceiling, ideally centrally located in your desired coverage area, and not on/near any large metal surfaces. Keep in mind that ePMP 1000 hotspot is not an idea option for serving a 100 simultaneous clients. You'll want to consider multiple E40X's (indoor use) or E50X's (outdoor use) or a mix of these radios, distributed strategically throughout your target coverage area to attain that goal. 


Just to add regarding gaining access to the AP through a voucher. The Cambium controller cnMaestro supports this feature with its own inbuilt Captive Portal, so there is no need to add a third party solution (although third party captive portals can be added if preferred).

The controller is free to use and you can setup your own controller to try here:

Lastly on Monday Cambium actually have a webinar on Captive Portal configuration that might be of interest to you:


Each model will have their own antenna patterns, best to examine the pattern for the device(s) you deploy and act accordingly.  EG, outdoor units are usually designed to be mounted vertically, on a pole/wall/etc.


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thank you all folks, I´ll start testing ASAP. Keep you posted.


sorry, one question: most of mobile devices (cell phones/tablets/laps) works with 2.4 or 5 GHz wifi ???? as I understand 5 GHz band is more clean than 2.4 so it would be better if I use a 5 GHz radio, right ???

and @newkirk, I know what you say about antenna patterns, in fact I saw them in ePMP 1000 datasheet, but I don´t know how to read them, can you show me how please or tell me where I can find any information to learn how ?? 


To answer your question regarding the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands.

Most devices work with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, however some devices do use 2.4GHz only and although it’s rare some devices are 5GHz only. So it is important to support both frequency bands in this type of deployment. The good news is the cnPilot E Series access point come with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios so you are able to support all of these clients.

Regarding the antenna patterns.

This shows you how the RF proprgates through space and it gives you an indication of coverage.

The Azumith Chart is your birds eyes view (from the top looking down).

The Elevation Chart is your side view.

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understood @Wright-Fi, thank you!!!


sorry, where can I find the radiation patterns for ePMP 1000 hotspot, both 2.4 and 5 GHz ??? I saw them yesterday but now it´s nearly impossible for me to find them again...



Most devices works in 2.4GHz only so it is better fo deploy APs double radio / double band to attend both type of customers (2.4 and 5). Also it is important to consider APs support band steering then when AP can balance load between both radios.