Static IP issue on SM radio....need help

We're in the process of switching out some Ubiquiti gear with Cambium ePMP. I'm having an issue right now with a SM radio. I want to be able to put a public IP address on the customer's wireless router, which is riding over a vlan.

With the Ubiquiti radios, I would set the radio up in bridge mode, and I would go to the advanced options in the radio, and bridge vlan 7 (vlan that our IP's ride on) and the LAN port of the radio. This allowed me to put the public IP on the customer's router, and it would pass seamlessly through the radio. 

I must be doing something wrong to make this work in the ePMP radio. I am setting it up in bridge mode and setting the management vlan and IP address. I then enable the data vlan and put it in. I cant find where (or if) I can bridge the data vlan with the LAN port of the radio like I would do with the Ubiquiti. I give my technician a public IP, default gateway, and subnet mask and he puts it on his pc, but is still unable to get to the internet. I have to be missing something.

Any help would be appreciated as the tech is still on site troubleshooting and I'm at a loss.


The link cover some of the common VLAN scenarios and what the expectations should be.

Hope it helps

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vlans are pretty simple with these, 

a tagged vlan comes into the AP, and is passed to the CPE. if the SM has the matching vlan number marked as the "data vlan" its stripped off and handed to the ethernet port.   if you want to pass it tag, do nothing.

the AP does not need to be made aware of its pressents.   the management VLAN is handled seperatly and is not stripped and passed to the cpe lan port. it remains tagged.

in your example, all you need to do is mark the data vlan in the SM to 7.    management something other than 7.


Thanks for the quick replies. I do believe that I have the everything setup correctly, and that the technician is doing something wrong (or is using the wrong static IP address on his computer). 

We normally setup our radios in NAT mode, so that the radio receives the public IP address on the data vlan 7, and is managed on vlan 10. In this case, we want to do the same thing, except we want to send the public vlan and IP address through the SM and staticly assign it to their router. A different tech should be on site shortly, so hopefully we can get this cleared up.

I really appreciate your help!

Thanks again guys. We got the issue fixed. The config I had in it was correct. Simple miscommunication with the tech unfortunately.

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