Status of 5.1Ghz for PMP450

Can we get a status on the availability of the new 5.1Ghz frequencies for PMP450?

UBNT has already updated their M series products to support this.  We are anxious to get our Cambium 450 products in this band and away from DFS.


Unfortunately, we cannot expand the frequency range for the current PMP 450 hardware.

We will, however, have a next generation platform that will accommodate 4.9 to 5.925 GHz in a single SKU.  This is expected mid-2015.  Stay tuned for additional details on this upcoming exciting product.

So if you have a next generation platform coming out mid 2015 should we limit buying the PMP 450 gear?

The newer generation of hardware is being created to be interoperable with the current generation.  In fact, we will continue  producing the current generation of Subscriber Module for some time to come.

There is no reason to limit purchasing of the current generation.

However, if the frequency required for deployment is in the 5.1 GHz range, the current generation of hardware will not support this.

If I am forced to buy this new hardware, will my current subscriber modules work in the UNII-1 band?  Or do I have to replace my entire network?

The reason this is a big deal ... we bought the PMP450 line before the 13.2 update, which forced us to reduce our download percentage to 75% (taking away from the product).  We need that extra bandwidth that we originally bought.  Turns out, the pre 13.2 firmware was terribly flawed in regard to PPS, so we can't go back.  Not cool.


I'm pretty sure that the current SM's will not support UNII-1 due to filtering. I've asked Matt M. about this and he never responded with a positive confirmation that the current SM's would support UNII-1. I assume the lack of confirmation means that it will not support the band. You will definitely need to buy the new AP (PMP455) in order to get UNII-1, and you will most likely need to buy new SM's under the new SKU.

I can positively confirm that 5.1 GHz operation will NOT be possible with the current hardware.  Neither the AP nor SM can support operation in this band. 

The PMP 450i (formerly 455) will support 4.9 through 5.925 GHz, subject to regulatory approval.

With respect to limiting 5.4 GHz operation to 75% downlink, this was found during regulatory testing on the R13.2 release.  To be fully compliant with regulations, we needed to make this change.  I apologize that this was coincidental with huge performance improvements in the product, but regulations often force us into limiting the product capabilities to maintain the ability to legally offer our products.