Still having issues with Cnmatrix ex1028P failing to negotiate port speed

We encountered the issue after a reboot or firmware update that the switch ports do not negotiate a connection and requires another reboot or physically unplugging the switch port and plugging back in. This is connected to a Sonicwall router at the clients office.

Cambium support diagnosed and verified this was a major issue and was working on a solution we were told since Aug 2022/ I see that firmware is now up to 4.6.r2 so 3 major revisions have been released.

We decided to upgrade this morning at 3am. We went to 4.6 r2 thinking its been fixed and we were just never told, the switch rebooted to complete the upgrade and now its down due to the same auto negotiaion issue.
The only workaround is to manualy force port speed to 1 gig on router and switch. This also happens when Polycom Ip phones are plugged into the switch. So this makes it rather embarrassing when the customer calls us to complain and we dont have any update from Cambium

Can cambium please explain why this is still happening even after 3 major firmware releases. TamN I do believe you were the one to help identify this issue with us.