Strange light issue on high gain 3ghz SM

When I plug the POE injector into the wall outlet, the blue light on the POE glows bright. As soon as I plug the cable from the radio to the POE port, the light on the injector starts to dim and glow and dim and glow. I can see it is also effecting the lights on the radio as well. I have been able to duplicate the issue with several different cables, several different POE injectors and even on two different 3ghz SM's.  Any ideas as to what is causing this issue and how to fix it. Thank you . 

What voltage POE are you using?

56 V 30W 

You've checked the cable I assume? On the regular 30v poe's if the light turns off it typically means there's a short somewhere.

Yes, I have definitely checked the cable. I have duplilcated the issue with multiple cables, different SM's and even complete different locations. I will take a video and upload it if that helps. 

The 450b are all 29 V Canopy style power. I bet you just fried two boards. :( And the power supply is showing a short?

That is not good. I am using the Power supply that was shipped with the radio :( Wonder what happened

I'll mention we have also been shipped 56v Poe's on occasion accidentally. We double check all shipments of Poe's now and make sure to seperate the 30v from the 56v.

Sucky mistake, maybe you'll get lucky and the radios are fine. 

I want to make sure folks understand that Power Supplies are sold separately from the radios themselves for the PMP 450 platform.

Some 450 devices require 56 VDC power input, and some require 30 VDC power input.

It is critical that you use the correct device for the radio you're powering up, else (as mentioned) you risk damage to the device. You should verify that the channel partner shipped the correct power supply per the order (and that the correct power supply was ordered).

For 450b radios, the typical supply is N000900L001C, which is a 30 VDC, 15W device, and has the correct pinout.