Strange Stuff After 8.2.7 Upgrade

Ok guys here is one support CAN’T figure out. I have been told 8.2.7 is the best yet, so we upgraded all AP’s and SM’s.

Keep in mind we had NO problems on the 8.2.4. PERIOD Running PPPoE with a MT Router at our office. No major interferenace. No equipment changes. Everything is the same.

After the 8.2.7 upgrade, PPPoe sessions, which normally would run as “always on” started dropping. Our router shows PEER NOT RESPONDING. In a matter of secs the PPPoe session would reconnect.

Oddly this was occuring across the spectrum 2.4, 5.7 etc. There was no common SM. Some were .5 miles to 4 miles. SM’s that have great jitter, DB and RSSI even see the problem.

When we go out to the AP’s, there does not appear to be any reg recount issues with the SM’s. SM’s show no sign they have disconnected and reconnected to the AP. Just a complete fall off of the PPPoe session and then a reconnect.

Oddly, you can reboot the AP’s and the problem will occur again, but on different SM’s each time.

Weather has bee great since the upgrade…thinking about going back to 8.2.4 when things were stable.

Are you running PPPoE directly on the SMs or are they bridging?

We just upgraded our whole network to 8.2.7 and are about to move customers over to PPPoE, but we’ve always run in Bridge mode with VLANs.

I think we’re experiencing this strangeness with 8.2.7 as well. This is just for one advantage 2.4ghz AP we installed last spring, and upgraded from 8.1.5. And while it seems to have cured a couple of NAT problems a couple of connections that had worked, whether they had a strong signal or not, are all of a sudden either slow or disconnecting.

Four different examples, no idea if they are related but it’s starting to bug me:

-One customer had a VPN between businesses across a couple of our towers. VPN became slow and disconnected often. Luckily, we were able to point the original dish to a new tower (8.2.2) and no more problem. Not sure, but this might have started before the upgrade (was on 8.1.5).
Signal was decent, not great, worked quite well for them for last 2 years and the VPN worked good since it was setup last spring until mid August.

-Another customer started having disconnection problems wednesday-ish. Signal in this case, never used to be bad, but jitter went through the roof all of a sudden. This is a high traffic campground. Might have just been interfence. Again, luckily, was able to point dish at the new tower and get great signal.

-Third case, which I suspect is related to the first, since they both started having problems at the same time, is a guy that plays an online game. First started having problems, signal was sketchy, but again had worked well the past couple years. We moved the dish a bit to improve the signal (mounted it higher) and it was great for the last 2 weeks until this week, all of a sudden he’s having the same problems again but his signal is great as far as I can tell. Timing seems close to that of the second case…

-Finally, the last bit of strangeness we have begun seeing is from our office. All but one of our computers is behind a router. The one that is not, keeps constant tabs on our network. My own machine is behind the router, but I have setup so I can keep an eye on devices as well, using a little list that pings devices in my vista sidebar. So whenever I notice something “go red” I quickley attempt to login to the device to make sure it wasn’t just a lost ping. However, in the case of this one AP, now and then I can’t connect to it at all from this machine, nor others behind the router, but the one that isn’t behind the router can access it and never has a problem, nor do customers start calling in. Again though, it’s just this one AP, none of the rest, none of the backhauls. It’s weird.


Guys, I was told Moto is aware of this problem…but hasn’t been forthcoming with telling people. It doesn’t appear to be going on on 8.24, just 8.27.

Rumor is… 9.x firmware is set to come out in a week or two.

Oh Joy… another major release… I think it will have to run at least a couple months before I move to it.

8.x was a cluster

If your seeing this are you also seeing Ethernet CRC errors on the AP and SM’s? If you are, double check to make sure you are not hard coding the auto negotiation settings to 10baseT. 8.2.7 has a serious issue with 10baseT. We where able to resolve by setting the unit to auto negotiate on any 100baseT. This was showing up as about 10% - 20% packet loss.

no, in our case, its not that kind of failure. Can still get to the AP, and through the AP, to the SMs. but, traffic THROUGH the AP stops. Can’t ping SMs direct, they cant surf.

reboot of the AP works for a while… which varies… drop to 8.1.5…

zero issue…

re-upgrade a few days later for grins… issue is back.

We spent time months ago (pre-8.2.4) with Moto Engineers who are great guys… but it still didnt solve the issue… so we cant go through all that energy again, and inconvenience to customers