Strange Sync issue using 5Ghz. ePMP Synced AP's, and PacketFlux Sync Injector

We had a site randomly start losing sync on all four AP's today.  The AP's are receiving sync over power via a Gigabit Sync Injector made by PacketFlux.  The AP's are constantly showing 'Sync Up' for a few seconds, and then 'Sync Down' for a few seconds, and continuing that pattern.  Under Monitor > GPS, it shows around 10 satellites visible, and around 7 satellites tracked, yet it still cycles no sync.  We replaced the Sync Pipe, and Sync Injector, and bypassed grounding from the sync pipe to the sync injector.  We also tried to isolate each AP to see if one was bad and causing a short.  Anyone else seen this issue?  We were able to get the AP's to stay online by going to the onboard GPS.

Do you also have a SiteMonitor at that location?  The stats on the PacketFlux GPS are only visible that way.

And have you tried to confirm whether they are all registering sync loss simultaneously?


There is a site monitor, however we unhooked it as part of the testing, and that did not resolve the issue.

It appears as though all the AP's are losing sync simultaneously.

is the sync injector getting voltage drop for any reason?  we had a lot of problems at a solar site trying to use a parasite until we used a voltage regulator.   it would stop sending sync sometimes and others the site would fall out of sync slightly affecting its upload slots on it and other sites. 

the cambium radio and switch we had out there didn't seem to mind the voltage changes, just the parasite seemed to have ill affects.