Stray SM's with older firmware

If you select the root system network, and choose update software, and then click 'software deployed', cnMaestro gives you a pie chart of all the firmware versions of radios. How do I actually identify these older radios or make cnMaestro update them? When you have many AP's and over a thousand clients, it's really hard to find the stray old SM's that maybe were missed during past updates. Any ideas on how to do this? Thanks!

The search bar can be used to filter what devices are shown to only display those running a certain firmware version.  You can search on Active Version, Device Name and Status using the corresponding drop down menu.  This will let you find specific devices running old firmware.

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Thanks Jordan!

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OK, so here's one that is strange... I've updated all my PMP450 radios to 15.1.1 BUT there appear to be some 15.1 stragglers out there... when I search for the active firmware 15.1 it shows ALL 15.1.1 radios.

How do I find just the 15.1 radios?

Try searching for 15.1 and then clicking the column header to sort by Active Firmware.  That will at least let you group the devices to make them easier to find and select.

Alternatively, I think if you filter by 15.1 and also get 15.1.1 and select all to upgrade to 15.1.1, the devices already on 15.1.1 should be skipped.  Test this on a single device already running 15.1.1 to verify though.

[Edit: 15.1.1 will be applied on top of devices already running 15.1.1 and will not be skpped.]

I just checked on a cloud account and it looks like the Active column doesn't allow sorting.

I recommend verifying that a 15.1.1 device being upgraded to 15.1.1 is properly skipped.  If so, filter on 15.1 and then select all devices to upgrade to 15.1.1.

I'm not sure if I understand what you're saying. When I filter on 15.1, it shows ALL 15.1.1 and 15.1 radios... there's over 1000 radios being displayed. Are you saying that I should check ALL of the radios, and trust that the update system will skip over the 15.1.1 radios and only update the 15.1 radios?

Is there any way to have the filter be explicit, perhaps by using quotes ala '15.1'?

I tested this on one of my devices.  15.1.1 was applied on top of a device running 15.1.1.  Do not try to upgrade all your devices to 15.1.1.

The search is a wildcard search to allow partial matches.  So far I haven't found a way to force an exact match for 15.1.

I'm still digging into this and will consult with one of my colleuges on this issue.

Hi Eric,

You can filter on an exact match on Version 15.1 by searching for the following.


The carrot and dollar sign will anchor the expression and force an exact match.  This worked successfully with my small-scale test.  Please let us know if it works for your large deployment.


YES! Works perfectly! This is a pretty important thing that should be in the doucmentation and more importantly, somewhere in a GUI mouse over tip or something. Thanks again!

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Thank you for the suggestion.  We will look into a good way of presenting this information in the GUI and/or documentation.

This should be incorporated into the Software Upgrade portion of cnMaestro - Check installed version and only upgrade if version is older - Seems obvious to me...