Struggling to Improve PrepCast Exam Scores after 450 questions

I have been using the Prepcast exam simulator for about 3 weeks and answered 450 questions but am not seeing any improvement as my results are still averaging 55%. I have been sticking to 10-20 question Timed Quizzes so I can review my answers more frequently. I will note that the majority of the answers I'm getting wrong were a near miss as I chose incorrectly after narrowing my answers to 2 possible choices. Still dejected by failing scores and seeking rapid improvement.

I read the entire PMBOK guide about a year and a half ago but had to stop studying due to a career change that included moving to a new city. I picked up studying again by ordering PrepCast Exam simulator and watching the Vargas video.

Did anyone else experience this problem and what do you recommend I do to improve my results.

My PMI application has already been approved and I'm planning to take the exam at the end of the month. Hoping for some help so I can start to see positive results. 

I believe maybe you're talking about something COMPLETELY different than what we're about here at Cambium Networks...

I am not a licensed PMP (Project Management Professional), but have been in the business for a LONG time... so I suspect you're talking about taking that exam.

We here at Cambium Networks have a product line called the "PMP 450", which is "Point-to-Multipoint". This is probably not the right forum to help get your scores up, as most of the folks here are all about wireless equipment and wireless networks... not managing projects unfortunately.

Best of luck with your test taking!