Stubby 5Ghz omni suggestions

I am looking for suggestions on a dual polarity 5 Ghz omni antenna that is "short". I used to get a Teletronics omni that was about 12" tall but they have discontinued it. All the others I have seen and used are 24" - 36" tall.  This is going on a customers house as a relay and aesthetics is important (they don't want a 2 foot tall rod).  I get that.

Since it is feeding houses in the immediate neighborhood, I can get away with the lower gain that the shorter antennas have. I just can't seem to find a decent dual polarity replacement that is not huge.
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Would you be willing to share any details on the contract between you and the "hub house" ? I've tried to find someone with a  Vivinti "Hub House" contract that would let me have a copy of their contract as the Vevinti contract is a "for life" contract  that goes with the house even if it is sold (New owners are bound by the contract). I believe it also covers the issues of electric service especially in the event the owner no longer lives in the house and no longer wants to keep electric services going at the house.  While if this was a tower location you could/would have your own power source (either solar or your own electric meter) doing this at a home would either require that you be allowed to install solar panels on the roof or set your own meter (not legal / code in some places so not always possible). Now sure  what happens if the house if foreclosed and the bank takes ownership.

I could even deal with a 5 or 10 year contract like we have on the towers but something still has to deal with the issue of power should the house become vacant for whatever reason.

When I discussed this with our attorney, asking if he could draw up a contract to cover the power and other issues unique to a home, it was obvious this was something outside his area of expertise.  

@brubble1 wrote:

Would you be willing to share any details on the contract between you and the "hub house" ? 

Hate to get off topic since I am in need of a stubby omni... :-)  However, we are a bit unique with our contracts. We are a non-profit co-op WISP and our membership agreement with every member gives us permission to place additional antennas on thier house for relays. We still do this with homeowner permission. Our agreements are with the owner of the house and they do not continue through a sale. When this happens, we get the new ower to continue the agreement. Since there are ususally no other alternatives for high-speed service and they are getting free service, this is not a hard sell.

Take a look at the Ubiquiti dual-pol omni.  The 10dbi unit is quite small and the 13 is probably reasonable in size too.  They are much smaller than the 2Ghz units if you are familiar with them.  Performance is fine so long as you keep the low gain in mind.

Pictured is a 39" long j-arm with a 10dbi omni, rocket, and NSM5 for size reference.  Use the RF Elements adapter to fit the ePMP radio to the mount.

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The L-Com 10dB ones are about 19 inches - so that is more than 12, but less than 24.  :)

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My local distridutor found a Wiess omni that seems to fit the bill perfectly:

13 degree vertical beam and a 12 dBi gain for an antenna 14" tall.  Never used a Wiess but am willing to give this a try!

Everyone know where I can find the Wiess in EU ?

Those antennas look to be Lanbowan.