Stuck at Discovering cnMaestro

Trying to connect to cloud service worked my way through various versions of “init failed” now it is just hiding quietly in the corner saying Discovering cnMaestro.

DA log littered with …

	/home/jenkins/workspace/cnmaestro-agent/src/main.go:126 +0x820
Starting cnAgent
{"file":"main.go:102","func":"main.main","level":"info","msg":"Configuration Loaded Successfully","name":"main","time":"2022-02-06T11:44:54-08:00"}
{"file":"e2e.go:824","func":"e2e.(*E2E).GetSerialNo","level":"info","msg":"onboard e2e getDeviceInfo API {Type:POP Name:node-V5000-88335c Mac:0--------c Msn:V5WJ======= Model:V5000}","name":"e2e","time":"2022-02-06T11:44:54-08:00"}
{"file":"conn.go:77","func":"agent.(*Agent).routerConnect","level":"warning","msg":"Cookie file does not exists","name":"agent","time":"2022-02-06T11:44:54-08:00"}
{"file":"conn.go:84","func":"agent.(*Agent).routerConnect","level":"info","msg":"Connecting to router: /cns-onboarding/device?&type=cnAgent&serialNo=V5WJ------------&mac=00:04:56:------&mode=e2e&deployment=onboard","name":"agent","time":"2022-02-06T11:44:54-08:00"}
{"file":"conn.go:85","func":"agent.(*Agent).routerConnect","level":"info","msg":"User-agent header: cnEA/1.0 (e2e/1.2; EA/1.2.0-r4)","name":"agent","time":"2022-02-06T11:44:54-08:00"}
{"file":"panic.go:967","func":"runtime.gopanic","level":"info","msg":"Exited Agent","name":"agent","time":"2022-02-06T11:44:54-08:00"}
panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference
[signal SIGSEGV: segmentation violation code=0x1 addr=0x38 pc=0x280100]

well a couple hours later its not stuck anymore …

Hi @Glenn_Wittrock

Can you please raise a ticket with our support and share the Device Agent log file over the ticket to help with?

The Device Agent log can be downloaded from Device GUI as in below screenshot.


Hi Glenn

Please ensure you have debug logs enabled for the agent and run it for a while and if you see the crash, then download the logs and share with customer support.

Simple if inconvenient solution, factory reset the pop/e2e node unit, start from scratch, up and running now.


Thanks for reporting that factory reset resolved the issue, which is bit strange.

But in future if that happens again please do let us know. We are also trying to find the root cause on our end as to why the process is crashing (we haven’t got any breakthrough yet — it might be some corner scenarios)

We will let you know in case we find the root cause and resolve in the latest release.

I have one more questions , was the agent continuous in the loop of trying to connect to and crashing ?

Or did you see it connected and then agent crashing after a while ?

It never got connected. Having only set this up twice now I cannot be certain it is exactly the same.

Can you help us with more logs? Or maybe the surrounding logs of error you posted.

Check under ticket # 292929

I think there was a white space after “.com”


The issue is resolved now. It will be available in upcoming release.