Stuck sessions

We are seeing around 2% of our SMs at any given time with stuck sessions.  The AP shows the SM as registered but the SM does not respond to ping and maestro shows it as down.  We also cannot reach the SM via the channel from AP -> SM.  The remedy is to have the customer power cycle or drop the session from the AP.

It is a bit annoying and very manual process.  Is there any way via maestro or snmp to tell an AP to drop an LUID session?  We are aware this is a known bug and were wondering when a fix can be expected?

What firmware are you running on your AP’s and SM’s?

To drop an SM session from an AP via SNMP command line.

Assuming net-snmp application ( is installed on PC connected to AP.
net-snmp-5.5.0-1.x86.exe (Windows 32-bit version)
net-snmp-5.5.0-2.x64.exe (Windows 64-bit version)

Enter the following SNMP command line:
snmpset -v <SNMP_version> -c <read-write_community_string> <AP_IP_address> . s <SM_MAC_address>

snmpset -v 2c -c Allowmein . s 0a003eb42517

The above is equivalent to entering the AP GUI command:
Tools > Sessions: Click SM radio button.
Tools > Sessions: Drop Subscriber Session: Current Subscriber Module: <Select SM from dropdown list>. Click Drop Selected Session.


We are on version 15.1.5 on AP and SM.

NSJS, thank you for that code snippet.  I will give that a try.

Hi rnelson,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having "Stuck session" issues.

Next time when it happens, could you please recover the SM by dropping the session and collect engineering.cgi from both AP and SM.

Please send the logs to me at