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Below is a screenshot from the PMP450m 5GHz AP data sheet
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  1. What is the difference between the different jurisdictions across the globe?
    I can see from this post that max TX power is one variable at least for Wifi
    Other factors?
  2. Which of the columns below applies to Australia?
  3. What does RoW and ISED refer to? Geographic location? Something else?
  4. No Encryption is self explanatory. But is the universal? In other words would you purchase the same No Encryption unit for use in the US or EU?

Much appreciated…

US are radios locked to the channels and TX power or EIRP limitations for the United States
EU are radios locked to the channels and TX power or EIRP limitations for Europe
ISED are radios locked to the channels and TX power or EIRP limitations for Canada
ROW are radios that can be set to any regulatory region and stands for Rest of World. ROW radios are not typically allowed to be purchased in US, EU, or ISED regions.

For Australia, you’d purchase ROW radios and set the region to Oceania → Australia. After setting the proper region, the radio will only have the channels and TX or EIRP allowed for that region. You can always go back and change the region however.

All above radios have AES-128 encryption included, and the ability to purchase an AES-256 key where allowed by law.

No encryption radios are for ROW radios destined for countries that the US has encryption export restrictions on, like Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria.


Hello Shaun.

If you have a project or install requirement; the team from Australia should be able to help out.

Cambium Networks has two Reginal Technical Managers (RTM’s) in Australia with Shivneet in Brisbane and Eddie in Melbourne; I’m also located in Brisbane and do most of the training on behalf of Cambium.

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Thanks Eric
Wiki tells me that EIRP is essentially TX power, Effective Isotropic Radiated Power to be precise. Thanks…

Thanks @James_Mifsud … self study at the moment… very helpful forum…

EIRP is the actual power emitted by the radio into free space (Air).

It includes,

Radio’s Power Output - Cable Losses + Antenna Gain

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