suggested MIR Bandwidth Settings For a 25/5 plan

i put this into the setting yet test site is only getting 15 Mbs to speedtest sites (speedtest.Net)

Boltaz, those settings look decent and are probably not the root cause preventing you from achieving the desired throughput. What are the receive signal and SNR for that particular SM? Is the RF performance conducive for modulation modes that will allow the 25/5 speeds? Are there other users that are also sharing the capacity of the AP at that time? I would recommend investigating the RF performance first and also running a link capacity test from the SM. Note that doing so will consume all of the AP's resources at that time. 

Also, you may want to adjust your burst size accordingly based on how long you want the burst duration to last. There is a post on the forum that explains it along with a link to a burst bucket white paper that will help you calculate the burst size here: 

First of all link did not work there is 15 clients on that ap

It looks like your link quality is very good. The SM is capable of achieving 87/15. The  lower speeds you achieved from your speed test could indiacte that other users were sharing the AP's resources when you ran the test or that other equipment upstream to the internet may have served as a bottleneck, lowering your speed.

We have done testing at 5 am to prove it is not ap issue back haul also no issue at this time mikrotik on same tower to same location can do 50+ megs can you please explain issue

You can open a ticket with support so they can gather more information. From what I've seen from your posts the AP is able to achieve 100 Mbps aggregate to the SM and the MIR settings ought to facilitate the capacity you are looking to achieve. There may be more details to look at that exceed the limitations of a conversation via the forum.

this looks like my exact issue when will this be fixed this not ok