Suggestion with Experts

Hi all

I have joined to this group to express my intrest
and take suggestion from the experts before i take decision
to hookup Canopy as my Wireless product

I am Planning to deploy Point to multi, and Point to Point
which should support Voice and as well as data

compare to other products
is the 2.4Ghz canopy is the best ?? what is ur experience

becoz iam planing to deploy in large quantity in various places

thanks, any suggestion for the billing and authentication
and B/w management will be appriciated


The band you choose really depends on the particular environment. You might find more interference in one band verses the other.

I have heard people state that 2.4 GHz does penetrate foliage but obviously not as good as 900 MHz. We document that 2.4 GHz is a LOS radio but again some customers have stated that they are able to get through small trees with 2.4 GHz.

We do have a bandwidth and authentication management system know as BAM. Using BAM you can allow paying customers to register to the AP. This uses the MAC address of the SM and then the AP checks the BAM database to see what the bandwith assignment is and if the SM is actually allowed on the network.

Other users will need to comment on billing as I dont have much experience with different billing systems.