Suggestions for SM settings

What would everyone recommend we set each SM’s data burst and allocation rate so that our subscribers can get a minum 1.5Mbps down & between 256-512kbps upload? Is this possible for about 30-60 customers off one AP cluster with a T1? How about the same amount of customers with a 6Mbps bandwidth?

If you just have one T-1 line all they can get is 1.5 meg down, if all 30 of your customers are down loading at the same time they will split the T-1 line between them. The only way to get a minumem of 1.5 meg down would be to have 30 T-1 lines. Besure to tell your customers it is up to 1.5 meg down.
You can set the upload in the config of the sm unit set it to 128 or the 256 up you can change the burstable if you want or you can leave it, if you want to change it for the set the up to 128kps set the burst to 1024 for the set the upload to 256kps burst to 2048 [/quote]