Surge and a noisey ground

Everyone probably knows this, but when you go to ground your SS make sure that where your grounding to isn’t a noisey line, or you’ll end up getting a GREAT deal of packet loss. We had a problem today at a new tower sight. I was getting alot of lose (could hardly log into the BH) since I had seen ithis same thing before a couple years ago, I disconnected the ground wire and BOOM worked fine again. The other guy didn’t beleive me until I showed him what a noisey ground could do. So I set up a ping and showed him a normal ping test, then we touched the ground wire to the SS and to the grounding point and then showed him again…85% packet lose with small packets.

Just thought I’d toss it out there as a reminder.
New ground Rod + New Ground Wire = Happy Canopy!!


yea i went through a simular deal i attached the ground to the copper wire on the side of a lightpole and it wouldn’t work either. I think that copper wire is attached to the ground drop which is twisted with the 2 110 lines from the transformer causing ac ripple to get in the ground.

kenny meadows

it could also be that the device connecting to the canopy is not negotiating the physical link properly…remember, SS brings link speed down to 10Mbps

My understanding is that the surge will only bring the link speed down to 10mbps if you are actually running the power THROUGH the SS. In this case there is no CMM so the power isn’t going through the SS.

so you are using an ordinary canopy PSU with the cable spliced at the SS?

OD cable is run to the PS the PS plugs into the SS and then there is a patch cable from the SS to the router