Surge protection and grounding

I would appreciate a powerpoint presentation or a video of an e500 installation.  Do we need grounding and surge protection?


Certainly you will. But do not forget. CN Pilot E-500 and E-400 ports speed are G/E, 10/100/1000, that being said. You will need a 600SSHG per each CN Pilot you deploy.

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Since the e500 is fully plastic there is no extra required ground connection required. Let me get some additional information on lightning protection and I will psot it. If you attached a device to the Aux port of the e500 that has a conductive contact to the pole that is a situation also to be aware of. 

1000SS spec sheet attached just in case you do not have it. 

1000SS 56V Gig-E surge suppressor is found here:

This would go between the e500 and the Power unit (30W/56V) and the Ethernet switch. It is ok to use unshielded CAT5e ethernet cable if you are not deployed in an area that has high field strength present (in that case use shielded cable and make sure it is terminated on both ends of the connection path). 

There is no ground connection on the e500 so nothing to do with respect to that. 

Hope that this helps. 

have you deployed e500's and if so how many? Are you using the auxilary port? Any issues with lightning surges? Are you using the 1000SS? Are you using the supplied PoE injector in your deployments?

updated e500/e501S/e502S lightning protection diagram is attached for reference.