Surge Suppressors

Has anyone found success using surge suppressors other than the one designed specifically for Canopy?

I am looking for something that is of a smaller form-factor. On non-Canopy projects, I have found that Transtector makes very nice, small protectors. My guess is that as long as I find something that protects all 8 pins in the cable, and will not short the power-providing pins, I should be ok.



For non-canopy I use Transtector TSJ series if I am racking the protector, otherwise I use their ALPU series as they are similar to the canopy protectors, just ensuring the voltages are correct for PoE.

Wireless Beehive has a nice surge suppressor for Canopy also. It comes with a SM Test Port, Voltage LED and Current LED which will come in handy. Here is a link to the datasheet:

we all luv the Wireless Beehive Surges. the extra indicator lights are nice, & the basic design of it is above & beyond what motorola has to offer. slightly higher price, but worth it for us.

I am looking at testing a few of the Beehive SPD’s. The expense is minimal compared to the 600.