Suspected Broadcast Storm in cnMatrix Switches

We utilise cnMatrix Switches (EX2052 & EX2016M-P) in our enviornment along with VLANs which are interconnected by our Firewall. I have noticed the led’s on several of the switches are flashing like mad, as if there is a broadcast storm taking place. Is there something on the switch that I can look at to track down what might be causing this and from which port the broadcast traffic is coming from?
Is there something else that can determine the general health of a port or the overall switch?
We utilise XMS-Cloud to manage all our switches so is there something within the XMS-C platform that could provide this info?

Hi Jon,

You can navigate to the CLI Commands as shown below, and then type the command ‘show interface counter’. The InBcast shows the number of incoming broadcast packets and the OutBcast shows the number of outgoing broadcast packets. You may need to run this command a couple times to look for large increase in the InBcast counter that may identify the port(s) that receives excessive broadcast traffic.