Suspend a user group using Maestro


   I am trying to create a template to shut off the end users ethernet link (suspend due to billing),  The template is easy enough to create but is there a way to create a customer group or a way to run the template on a specific group of customers?   I understand that we can check them individually but the search function is not very handy in the configure devices screen, and going through every radio to find the ones needed is a bit pointless.  any help is greatly appreciated. 


How are you creating a template to shut off the ethernet link ? ACL's ? 

User-Defined Overrides (Advanced) can be used to push specific configuration to individual AP's in a AP group. 

But, this configuration has to be pushed from the individual AP's configuraiton page ( means individually push configuraiton to the AP's which needs to be denied access) 


I am suspending ethernet with the following template,  We are currently pushing the config to the individual SM's in the configuration section of the SM page in Maestro,  but figured if we could do them all at once instead of individual it would be easier for the user. 


"userParameters": {

"networkConfig": {

"enable8023linkBox": 0
"cfgFileString": "Canopy configuration file",
"cfgFileVersion": "1.0"