"Suspended" states and Report Lockups in Prizm

My first question concerns SMs that go into a “Suspended” state. What does a “Suspended” state mean when regarding to an SM and what would cause a SM to go into a “Suspended” state. The SM that went into this state was a module that was easily within range of an AP. Restarting the SM itself lifted the “Suspended” state but knowing the causes of why this would happen outweighs a temporary fix should this happen again.

My second question regards some trouble I have with being able to generate a report using Prizm since Prizm wants to lockup every time that I try to generate one. Some of the preset reports, such as “Network Inventory”, “Subscriber”, and “Top Bandwidth Users” I have no problem with being able to generate those. When it comes to generating a “Bandwidth Usage” report I eventually run into Prizm locking itself. It happens right after I specify attributes I want in my report.

I’ve looked through the log files and nothing stands out as far as an error occuring whenever Prizm locks up. I’ve also tried to restarting the Canopy Prizm Server Service and no luck. Any ideas on what could be the cause of the problem? I would greatly appreciate any feeback.

If someone should be need me to generate a lockup of Prizm and send the log file data for the time around which I generated the lockup then feel free to let me know.