Sustained Data Rate Cap on PMP450D SM

The sustained data rate cap that is reported for the PMP450D SM variant shows up with various values depending on the firmware version e.g. on V14.1.2 is shows as 40mbps while on V14.2 it shows this as 10mbps. In some previous firmware versions it showed up as 20mbps. Can someone from Cambium please clarify what the actual cap is on these units as this is causing confusion and uncertainty?



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Hi,  Sorry about this.  Did you by chance ever apply a throughput upgrade key to this device?  Can you send me the MAC address via PM so that I can look at the history of the unit?

We did have an issue between versions when adding the 40M tier and the existing upgrade keys were causing different older versions to interpret things differently.   450d all started as 20Mbps and 14.1.2 increased that to 40Mbps automatically.  However, some customers that upgraded them to unlimited saw them fall back to lower levels due to the issues I mentioned with the keys.

I will also need to know where you are seeing the value reported.  Are you looking at the SM's GUI itself or at the AP Session Configuration table?

If you can supply the MAC, I can take a look and help get this resolved.


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