Sustained Uplink Data Rate in 6.1 firmware

It seems that CIR/MIR is partially broken in Canopy Release 6.1 with non-advantage AP.

When I set Sustained Uplink/Downlink Data Rate and Uplink/Downlink Burst Allocation to 256 Kbit/s I’m getting about 16 KBytes/s uplink speed instead of 32 KBytes/s. Downlink works well and speed is about 32KBytes/s.

There is no difference when I set up CIR/MIR at AP with “Configuration source” set to “BAM”, or at SM with AP’s “Configuration source” set to “SM”.

I tried to set Uplink data rates to 512Kbit/s and got ftp transfer speed at 32 KBytes/s (half of 512Kbit/s), so I guess it’s firmware error in scheduling uplink timeslots.

With 4.2.3 CIR/MIR worked well for uplink and downlink.

On the SM can you click on Status, followed by Expanded Stats, then Status again? This will give you a more in depth status screen which will show the uplink and downlink slots available. Please let me know the uplink and downlink data slot configuration that is reported. Also, please post the Sustained Uplink/downlink data rate and the Uplink and downlink burst allocation rates found on the same page.

Unfortunately (fortunately :)) I cannot reproduce the above problem.
Now with same settings speed is about 28-30 KBytes/s in each direction.